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A long time ago in an art department far, far away…

Mark Poe
Mark Poe, Graphic Artist

I have been involved in Commercial Art for over 30 years. Starting at a fairly large T-Shirt Screen Printer in 1985, Mountain Graphics, Inc., I learned the ropes and contributed my knowledge of cartooning to the field of screen printed t-shirts and caps. Over the years I gathered knowledge doing projects for many companies. I have done layout and design of logos, flyers, letterheads, catalogs, banner ads, web sites, billboards, t-shirt designs, posters, comic books, and cartoons. For about 10 years I was Freelancing servicing over 100 accounts under the business name Mega Graphics, LLC. I went to work for Creative Printers who were one of those accounts and eventually gave up almost all the freelance work . I then decided to focus my spare time business on creating vector clip art and comic book art.

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To know where we’re going, we’ve got to know where we’ve been!

3 years old? Yep, that’s where it really started. I don’t really remember it, but I’m told my Mom, trying to get me to be still or be quite or maybe stop tearing up the house, put a pencil in my hand with paper in front of me and the rest, like they say, is history! I drew Flipper, the dolphin from TV (this was the 1960’s), an elephant and something else, which my Mom could remember but I can’t recall right now. She still has those masterpieces somewhere in a scrapbook. 😉 I drew every chance I got. I got into as many art classes as was offered but it was not much in our rural area. Still I had a passion and a dream to work as a commercial artist.

Not all art!

Our wedding photo
My newly wed wife, Rhonda and I back in the day.

Meanwhile, life outside art went on. I finished high school and went to work. But don’t get the wrong idea, I did not go right into an art job. I worked a lot of non-art related jobs and did art in my spare time before getting to do art full time. Soon after I began working, I married my high school sweetheart and some 5 years later we had our first child, a boy, to be followed by another son years after that. Before our first child came along I got my big break!

Finally! An art job!

I learned that if you stick with something, you can gain enough skill to to get a job doing it full time. When I got my first job doing art it was a mind blower! The honeymoon did not last long when I found out there is actually work involved in this! Long hours, skill, occasional rejection, and the artist’s nightmare of DEADLINES! Even with reality settling in my passion for art did not wane and it did not stop when I punched out at the clock. I still drew at home. Which lead to the second part of my dream:

Becoming a cartoonist!

Elf Trek parody comic
The Elf Trek parody comic book featured my first published comic art.

Working as a Commercial Artist was only the first part of my dream, the other part was being a cartoonist. Not long after I got my first art job, through an odd chain of events, I got to draw cartoons for some independent comic book companies! At this time Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles came out and started an Independent Comic Book Boom! The Boom was short lived but lasted long enough for me to get my feet wet drawing comics. No, not the Turtles, even though I would have loved to have helped on that! These were other Independent Comics Companies. I was not that good then and when the boom went bust I found myself back doing art for t-shirts. Actually when I was working on the comics most of it was in my spare time while working full time as a commercial artist.

Then I went into business.

Mega Graphics LogoNeither the screen printing nor the comic industry have ever been rock solid, stable, working career choices. I often had to commute and hour or more to the work location. Finally with the coming of the Information Age, specifically the Internet, I was ready to go out on my own. So a few years ago I went Freelance! Along the way I helped build several businesses. Mega Graphics LLC was one I actually founded. Never let anyone tell you dreams can’t come true, mine have been being fulfilled daily for years! Better yet, now I get to help others fulfill theirs!

The Vision.

At my drawing board
At my drawing board

Now we get down to where we live! With all my experience as a Commercial Graphic Artist I have a lot to offer! I started out with raw God-given talent and I’m constantly acquiring new knowledge, not only of drawing techniques, but now also of graphics software, graphics production, and web site building. I have done layout and design of logos, flyers, letterheads, catalogs, banner ads, web sites, billboards, t-shirt designs, posters, comic books, and cartoons. During the 10 + years I ran my business I serviced over 100 accounts. I routinely maintained less than 20, and 5 or so were on a weekly or biweekly basis. I had personal contact with my clients making sure they were satisfied, meeting deadlines and overseeing art production all the way to final output. I’ve also had the privilege of working with several freelance artists, one being my own brother, over those several years so I didn’t have to do it all. Full-time didn’t stop at 40 hours for me but whatever it would take to get the job done. I helped many businesses build into large operations.


I hope you found this informational and maybe even a little entertaining.

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