More Art on Shutterstock

Back to the drawing board!
That’s where I want to be. After it’s all been said and done, I just want to draw. Cartoon art is what I  have done best. I love doing single character illustrations of mascots and other subjects to sell as clip art. You see several examples of those here on this site. Last year I started with the huge photo and clip art reseller I have sales with other clip art brokers but the results I have been getting at Shutterstock puts the rest to shame. So I’m re-doubling my efforts to upload a lot of my treasure trove of clip art I’ve done over the years to Shutterstock‘s website as well as produce some new art for them as well. That’s part of my goal.

The other part is to produce the comic book art and stories for At times it’s a balancing act to be sure. At times the clip art demands more time and at other times deadline for the comic books are more pressing. Whatever the results I will share it here and try to do that more often than I have been in recent months.

Onward! Mark